"Whereas Love Remains was a study of love in its darkest hour, Total Loss is an attempt to find one's way out of darkness, even when there seems to be no light ahead. Co-produced by Rodaidh McDonald (the XX), the album touches on many of the same sounds as Love Remains but incorporates a range of other influences and showcases Krell's evolution as an artist. The increased fidelity of these recordings also highlights Krell's arrangements and graceful voice in ways which Love Remains had only hinted at. All the elements of Love Remains that enraptured are still present here - the noisiness, the moodiness, the layers of swarming voices - but stand alongside other complex elements: the elegant weeping arcos and pizzicatos of neo-classical music, the rude drums of trap-rap, and the sweet, special and sentimental moments of Janet Jackson's Velvet Rope are all swept up and embraced in the deep beauty of Total Loss." (label info) vinyl version comes with download code. also available on CD
in stock | US| 2012| DOMINO RECORDS | 18.90

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