Fabrice Eglin : guitars, slide guitar, amp and Michel Henritzi : guitars, slide guitar, amp and harmonica. 'Summer melancholy... nearly 35C outside, both Panagiotis and me have freaked working... We meet late @ night at his place to work on some stuff and after it we relax listening to 'the singer' enjoying our drinks... 'it's a more conceptual bluesey work' panagiotis says... 'more somber compared to 'dead roads' i add... ' the Johnny Cash design on the black cover gives it a more gloomy touch'... 'man thanks to 'Dead Roads' i found myself listening again after a decade to Rowland S.howard & Lydia Lunch, Lee Hazelwood... even tracked down peggy lee's 'Johnny Guitar' and purchased Nicolas Ray's classic 'Johnny Guitar' film needles to refer to 'the night of the hunter' one of Robert Mitchum's spookiest roles i think... what the fuck will the future bring with this one ?'Who knows perhaps live sets of Howlin' Ghost Proletarians & Old Fashioned donkeys sets in prisons, sanatoriums, etc...' N. Malevitsis (label info)
in stock | GR| 2006| ABSURD | 4.90

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