""HPRIZM has always been leaning over the boundaries of hip hop, egging it on into new realms of sound and lyric. Under his many guises HPRIZM (a.k.a. Kyle Austin, High Priest, HP, Priest, Anton Tonebarr and/or Ornate Coldtrain) has challenged the status quo of hip hop as a member of Anti-Pop Consortium, Airborn Audio and The Isolationist. Now he takes it one step further. With this first release, 'City Of On' on new label Svakt Records, HPRIZM has blown past the confines of hip hop and into the unknown. This single-sided 12" contains an almost 20 minute epic journey that starts with a bangin' 4/4 beat before quickly dropping into the sonic equivalent of the Bomb Squad making fresh new juke tunes. This mad footworkout degenerates into an old skool techno beat reminiscent of Aphex Twin's heavier early works with the ghosts of Morton Subotnik's old synthesizers floating over top. Just as you start getting comfortable with this unease it disintegrates into an acid house flashback beat that crumbles before your ears into destructive hiphop that recalls some of the work he has done with Anti-Pop and Airborn Audio; classic head nod with an overlay of stammering electric noise. Then into a bit of John Carpenteresque ambiance that settles into what could be a Future Sound Of London CD skipping before falling off into an epic drone akin to a long lost lock groove found at the end of an E.A.R. Record, looping for infinity. until cut short by a sci-fi emergency jettison into outer space where the only music on board are the first two Kraftwerk records." (label info) one-sided 180gram vinyl, in printed innersleeve and silkscreened cover. numbered edition of 300 copies, comes with download card
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in stock | CH| 2012| SVAKT | 19.90

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