special offer "Recorded live in July 2004 at San Francisco's RX Gallery (as part of the Ji.y Scuttler series curated by Blevin Blectum, J. Lesser, Lance Grabmiller, and Sean Rooney), Irrevocably contains a wide selection of material from Hrvatski's vast repertoire, including a majority of otherwise unreleased tracks and reworkings of some of his classic anthems. Rather than neatly beat-match each piece into a dancefloor-ready whole, Hrvatski herein opts to tear his oeuvre apart in a truly depraved manner, eviscerating familiar themes and passages into a distorted uptempo mess which is then coated with layers of previously recorded instrumental passages, found sounds, realtime digital bleeps, and loads of added beats and breaks (hence the title). One could say that Irrevocably is Hrvatski's tribute to such amped-up, overdriven live albums as High Rise Live and The Ventures Live in Japan '65. One wouldn't be too far of..." (label info)
in stock | US| 2005| ENTSCHULDIGEN | 4.90

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