"For many years I wanted to release the complete works of Pseudo Code on multiple CD set, but that never happened. Firstly because I didn't know how to contact Alain Neffe, and when I could, some were already released on CD. But Alain offered me this great work. The story behind this Human Flesh pretending to be Pseudo Code is simple. One day, in 1982, Alain Neffe was waiting for his two other band members to show up, but they didn't. Instead Guy de Bievre, a friend from the Femish part of the country, and together with Alain used the set of Pseudo Code to play some music together. So while it, at times, sounds like Pseudo Code, it is in fact a Human Flesh CD. A small bit was released on 'Rising From The Red Sand', half-speed and reversed. This forty-three minute work is heavy on the use of rhythm machine, pianet, voices, string organ, synthesizers, saxophone and outlandisch electronics. For all fans of early 80s electronic underground music." (label info) Edition of 300 copies.
in stock | NL| 2011| PLINKITY PLONK | 10.90

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