"We're proud to present the CD reissue of this classic limited LP published in 1985 on Insane Music (Belgium)! Human Flesh is centered around the person of Alain Neffe (Pseudo Code, Subject, BeNe GeSSeRiT, Cortex, I Scream,....). Soulwise it's his most intimate musical project dealing with many demons and ghosts. It's all about "emotions", performed solo or assisted by a bunch of international artists, such as Deborah Jaffe, Nadine Bal, Mirella Brunello, Xavier S, Daniel Malempré, Guy De Bièvre, Merzbow, Rob Smit, etc. 11 tracks taken from hard-to-find 80s vinyl compilations were added here as a bonus, making this CD release (+79 minutes) the best treat possible!" (label info)
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in stock | BE| 2013| EE TAPES | 10.90

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