"Hurray is Zak Prekop, Josh Brand, Pete Mandradjieff & Rich Aldrich. They hail from the hidden sectors of New York City, and have released one 7" on the skul record label and recently presented their first art show at the Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery also of New York City. This is their first full length recording and is a must for fans of ambiguous, anomalous, and unobtrusive sound creation whose mystery is not invoked by hyperbole, pseudo-mythology or fake histories, but by giving full allowance to otherness and seeking beauty by allowing it to happen, which often means allowing it not to happen. Mishandled guitars, unknown electronics, amplified percussives and various layers of buzz coagulate and dissipate in measured restraint. I hesitate to use blighted terms like "lowercase" music, as Hurray shys not from some harsher territories and melodic (if emaciated and ghostly) material sometimes drifts into consciousness; two things I think of as contrasting w/ the more didactic, "European" music associated w/ said term. So, Ill avoid terminology and just say Im very glad to know this record." (Greg Kelley) special offer
in stock | US| 2004| FUSETRON | 6.90

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