"Et Op La Bang is Nelly Larguier from Paris, France. This is her debut album. Using voice, stones and her laptop computer, she has created a pop-drone masterpiece. Et Op La Bang is someting else indeed. Vocal fragments give a seldom heard closeness to it's tale of stars and creation. It gets inside your ear, you can feel your ossicles." (label info) "I Am A Vowel release 'Et Op La Bang' a CD of dark dubby ambience & minimal space techno for electro mice. There's a bit that sounds like a mongoloid fly trapped in a griswald & spongetwat flange-ometer. Then a processed vocal snippet surrounds your conscious state, obviously designed to make you stab your neighbours cat in the head with a garden hoe. This is music for people obsessed with the tortured echoes of moths trapped in abandoned piping in a dank cellar under a motorway bypass at 3 in the morning. Wibbling glitchy tap drip bad hallucinogenic woodlice-tronica." (Norman Records)
in stock | SE| 2008| FANG BOMB | 12.90

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