A film-maker, composer and collector from Brighton, this Ian Helliwell, who presented his films at the Avanto festival in 2000 and 2001. On this 7", a true classic one with 2 tracks per side, he plays music that is either used for audio-visual installations or his abstract films. Strangely repeating bleeps of an ancient analogue synthesizer with likewise analogue abstract sounds to it. Repeating blocks of sound that is kinda like Pan Sonic less the rhythm. "Power Of The Atom" is 'music inspired by atomic science footage' and sounds like a UFO is about to land in your backyard. Helliwell's music is more ancient 80s cassette days, then year zero digitalia, but certainly it held well. It makes me curious to see his films. (FdW).
in stock | FI| 2001| AVANTO / LEFTA | 5.90

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