small scratch in the non playable part of the cd "guess that most of you are used to al margolis's (aka 'if,bwana) more 'serious' electroacoustic soundscapes and expect 'gruntle' to be another fine addition to this style.. in a sense it is... a unique if,bwana recording, collecting 4 tunes recorded between 95 - 02 which however refer more to the legendary if,bwana tapes sound (if there weren't a kinda remaster to the original tapes, would have been even more lo-fi hissing electroacoustics) where al's creative play w/ loops & enigmatic sounds together w/ the childlike artwork of nixilx.nijilx make it a wonderful trip in a bizarro world..." (label info)
in stock | SWE| 2006| vg+/m-| ABSURD | 5.00

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