"Iibiis Rooge is the new superastral duo team bringing together the mysterious High Wolf (Not Not Fun Records, Winged Sun) with the seminal talents of Mr. Neil Campbell, better known as Astral Social Club and (ex-) member of Vibracathedral Orchestra, A-Band and other legendary outfits. The new self-titled LP is the debut album of the band combining modern psychedelic High Wolf jams with the fucked up yet refined electronics and techno-infused beat choppery of the Astral Social Club - transcending their combined talents into a multicoloured supernova. The strength of the album is an unexpected pop sensibility and airiness, while still being tighter and more consolidated than their regular solo outfits. Where the Astral Social Club is sometimes willingly losing himself in electronic soundscapes and the High Wolf's short & sketchy songs are rarely fully formulated by nature, all the positive aspects of their respective works are combined and complemented in Iibiis Rooge." (label info) Limited edition of 500 copies.
in stock | DE| 2010| DEKORDER | 13.90

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