"In Meditarium is maybe Ukraine's finest dark ambient-project at this time consisting of "Lord Gorgoroth" (who also runs the UKRAINIAN DARK SYNDICATE label and is also musically active under FILIVS MACROCOSM). Oleg Kolyada of FIRST HUMAN FERRUM (F.H.F) and ODA RELICTA joins him for this project. Their first vinyl-release, MARE INTERNUM, is a perfect example for "esoteric-organic-drones" that impresses the listener with the density and fullness found in their music. Gentle waving drones added with sub-bass pulses, all is in a suspension state while hidden harmonies appear in the background: soft ringing-tones giving the impression as if we were in this huge organic cathedral. Listening to IN MEDITARIUM might give you the impression of touching something "unknown". Something unclear or unconsciously forgotten in the length of us being slowly created in the warm walls of mother's womb." (label info) White vinyl, silkscreened covers, limited edition of 300 copies.
in stock | DE| 2005| DRONE | 6.90

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