"Known for his releases on Zero Gravity and 1040/1050, and his amazing drone based music created from bass guitar is sound sculpture artist, Tamaru. Tadahiko Yokogawa is known for his solo projects, as well as his diverse projects from the 80's such as 4-D, P-Model, After Dinner, and METROFARCE. Sugimoto Keiichi is renowned worldwide with releases from PLOP and German label Tomlab with his electronica duo Fonica, and US label Apestaatje and 12k with his electroacoustic quartet Minamo and his solo project Fourcolor. Installing is a supergroup featuring the talent of cutting edge sonic artists coming from the three generations of the 80's, 90's, and today. They released their first single CD "Saraswati"(1050) in October of 2002, and finished their much anticipated first album "installing" with Tamaru on guitar, Yokogawa on violin, and Sugimoto on guitar. They have treated and processed the sound material to create sublimely beautiful sonic art. Fragments of melodies flow within expanses of silky ambience to create layers of rich sound. Crossing genres, generations, and international boundaries, this is a masterpiece that will enjoyed for many years to come." (label info)
in stock | JP| 2005| HEADZ | 16.90

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