"Forming out of the musical insurgence that was the NoiseFest at White Columns Gallery in 1981; Interference coalesced around three key figures of New York's downtown scene: Anne DeMaranis, David Linton and Michael Brown. DeMaranis had just parted ways with an early incarnation of Sonic Youth and co-curated the NoiseFest with Thurston Moore. Linton had headed to NYC a few years earlier with then school/band mate Lee Renaldo, eventually hooking up with Rhys Chatham for a three year stretch. Brown had recently broke rank with Rhys Chatham and drafted a wholly unconventional percussive approach to the fender bass. In 1982 they recorded this LP at Radio City. Originally slated for release on Josh Baer and Glen Branca's legendary Neutral records, the record has remained unreleased, until now. Bonus LP contains remixes by David Last, Doily, Criterion, Binsang AKA Toshio Kajiwara, Bubblyfish & glomag And QPE. Printed inner sleeves with artwork and liner notes... An absolute treasure from the depths resuscitated with deluxe treatment. " (label info)
in stock | US| 2010| m-/m-| THE SOCIAL REGISTRY | 25.00

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