"Drawing on huge array of different sources, Intersystems occupied a difficult-to-reach critical nook between the many tropes that had established to frame the various artistic trends of 1960's. There are occasional hints at the twitchy energy of "Peachy", but everything is braced by a spine of lean, cool tones, making "Free Psychedelic Poster Inside" a far more stark outing than either of its predecessors. Yet the sense of impending danger and general volatility found in the rest of the catalogue is still present - if not amplified because of this more severe approach. This edition of "Free Psychedelic Poster Inside" LP presents the original (double) title-tracks. Re-mastered by John Mills-Cockell. Mastered for cutting by Giuseppe Ielasi." (label info) edition of 300 copies, originally released in 1968
in stock | IT| 2016| ALGA MARGHEN | 19.90

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