"First historical edition! "Number One Intersystems" LP, presenting the correct side sequence and featuring for the first time the original tracks sub-section divisions. Original 1967 avant-press sleeve designed by Michael Hayden. "Peachy" LP, including for the first time the correct tracks separations, timings and titles. "Free Psychedelic Poster Inside" LP, presenting for the first time the original (double) title-tracks. Silkscreened envelope reproducing the 1968 sleeve. All audio works re-mastered by John Mills-Cockell for this edition. Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi for vinyl transfer. Also including a 132-page LP-size book with the detailed chronology of all the Intersystems Presentations as well as 110 full-page images illustrating for the first time ever the story of this essential collective, also through the essays by Intersystems founding members Michael Hayden, John Mills-Cockell and Blake Parker, and by Bart Schoales, Nick Storring, Dennis Reid, Jack Boswell, William Blakeney, Tom Recchion and Ed Fitzgerald. Finally this box edition includes for the first time an exact reproduction of the 24-page Comic Power originally published by Intersystems for the Mindex Department Store within their 1968 Mind Excursion Centre. One time pressing in heavy cardboard box limited to 500 copies." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2015| ALGA MARGHEN | 89.90

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