nice letter format download only enevelope includes a microfiber cloth and download code. postpaid to send via deutsche post. lim. ed. 200. "Still Life with is the debut album of Inwoo Jung, a Cologne based artist who works in between the disciplines of fine art and music. It is released September 25 via 76666*. Approaching a delicate balance of sound textures, he illustrates his methodology to fuse the synthetic with the natural. Incorporating samples, analog sounds, as well as field recordings and voice - the narrative structure evolves in between the layers of dis-similarities of texture and arrangement. Synesthesia is a suitable description to grasp the experience of listening to the album's tensing yet sleek tone. Over the course of nine tracks the concept album unfolds a story of creation, collapse and subsequential reconstruction, to raise questions about originality and object-subject relations. These shifts in states and perspectives are mirrored in Inwoo's sound design that reaches from deep crackling rhythms (Now-) over howling glimmers of synth crescendos (outro) to collapsing clusters of arpeggio bulbs (It Changes the Change). Sweeping moments of anticipation (Transmitter and Receiver) merge from woodwind-ish harmonies into articulated sound imagery with plunderphonic elements. Resolving into two longer pieces at the end of the album, the musical theme builds up arpeggios, rhythm and synth melodies, voice and interrupting parts of concrète passages. The final release is accompanied by a physical release of 200 customised letters, designed and produced by Min Jong Kim." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2020| 76666 | 15.00

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