IO - ARO 1 / TWITCH 2 (7" - USED m-/vg+)

"Synthetic whale songs and ocean waves back a Cuban-Asian hybrid horn, the double-reed corneta china, on 'aro 1'. Originally composed for 'Dem Bones', a performance by poet Adrian Castro at the Miami Light Project's annual Here & Now Festival, 'Aro1' sets the batá drums in a dialogue with electronic blips and sonar tones that dissolve into the majesty of the sea. 'twitch 2', a track exclusive to this 7", is based on simple analog tones and delays, an extension of the ocean theme in 'aro 1', an abstract musical impression of the serene majesty and fierce power of the ocean." (label info)
in stock | US| m-/vg+| ELEGUA RECORDS | 3.00

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