special offer "Finally the overdue and long awaited re-release of IOVAE's Quatervois which came originally as a limited CD-R release on Drone Disco. IOVAE, native of Cincinnati is a true alchemist, working out lo-fi tape collages and simple four track assemblages. He uses unusual sound sources and layers these into rather dense and industrial etudes of found sound. Iovae (Ron Orovitz) has been playing with sound in the culturally insular confines of Cincinnati Ohio since circa 1988. Initially, tape & turntable manipulations were the medium. Through the 1990s, more and more unique sound sources were sought to serve as the subject of developing manipulative techniques. Scientific instruments such as tone generators became a favorite tool, as well as the fashioning of various "procussion" instruments (utilizing fire-works). The recordings herein demonstrate some of these sonic characteristics as composed and processed stochastically (Xenakis is the inspiration in this respect) upon a four-track recorder." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2004| ZAREK | 5.90

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