"The roots of the band from Konstanz, formed in 2003, can be found in Hardcore and Punk. Their debut-album »The Body And The Soil« (2005) was released on the »Go Kart«-label from New York. On »Visions Of A Landscape« Ira finally found their own unique style and got rid of their hardcore-background. With the helping hands of Producer Tobias Levin (Tocotronic, Jeans Team etc.) and Chris von Rautenkrantz (Blumfeld), two main protagonists of the german musicscene, the band got their unique voluminous sound. In a very intense collaboration with Tobias Levin, Toby Hoffmann found his specific particular vocal-style - passionate, disturbing but not exalted. As a musician, the award-winning writer, Spoken-Word-Artist and Poetry Slammer is also capable of Combining complex lyrics with an adequate sound: at the gateway of dream and reality, poetry and anger Hoffmann succeeds in connecting the big Rock-gesture with the laconical disillusionment of Post-Punk. Black Sabbath meets Ian Curtis." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2009| VINYL-OVER-DOSE | 19.90

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