"The Bohman Brothers (Adam and Jonathan) team up with Leonard Aspen and Roger Boulding to form Ischio Romantico ­ the result is this album called 'From The Hip' which is a combination of the Bohmans' amplified objects and raw electronics and the smooth hypnotic loops and turntable inventions of Aspen and Boulding (who have collaborated extensively with Xentos Jones and Lepke B of Die Trip Computer Die). 'Urbane Deserts vs Sylphides' is a ballet in four parts. Leonard's libretto (undisclosed) describes a struggle between agents of the earth and the air. Part Four is certainly airborne in character. OFoot Right Down' is the only conceivable Top 40 hit in the collection and would be the song that Ischio would mime to on X Factor if asked. It's a Ealing comedy with Helmholtz overtones. 'Obturator Foramen Is Seven' is another dystopian vignette. Essentially hip music. 'Dere Aint Nuthin' Like A Drone' is what Roger used to say ­ not all the time, but enough to leave an impression. It's a drone of sorts. 'Descending Ramus' is also known as 'King Sisyphus In Reverse'. It might involve crampons. Adam's instruments can clearly be heard. In mediaeval terms ­ Ordeal By Improv. Contributing to the sensorium of 'From The Hip' - and given free rein so as to become a synaesthetic extension - is the artwork of Jussi Brightmore. Ischio invites the listener to gaze upon Jussi's mysterious tableaux whilst listening to the album." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2009| SHADAZZ | 12.90

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