"Islands Of Light is the work of Vienna-based artist Dino Spiluttini. He is the founder of Beatismurder Records and the co-founder of Total Light Records, as well as being a superb designer, illustrator, and photographer. He recently released a superb split release with our mutual friend, Nils Quak, on the excellent Umor Rex label, and later in the year he will be releasing with Jehu & Chinaman. His work as Islands Of Light is a wholly different affair from the irreverent drone work under his own name, with piano being the main base for his beautifully tender and rustic sound. 'Ruebke' is the sound of season's change, of shorter days and longer nights, of the hush of autumn as it takes its hold. As the beauteous distorted elements and graininess takes it hold, the piano melodies slow everything down to a turn of constant low light and fragile quietude." (label info) CD comes in four panel thick-card matte digipak
in stock | UK| 2014| HOME NORMAL | 9.90

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