"Somewhere between the melting polar caps of Jazz and House, between the principles of division of labour and of sound studies driven by machine-made rhythm, the iso68 duo too arrive at an archaic modernism that is all their own - made up of electrically charged Hohner clavinets, radiophonic workshops with David Tudor, and a bag of fermented grass, to be smoked preferably with Augustus Pablo's excursions on the melodica. With iso68, the beats are always in the front, but not for a single moment you become aware of it. Or else, such as in the cooled-down ice machine crusher "Forestrain", they evolve into a smouldering atmosphere-roller: no escape, I assure you. Everything here is dense, at the same time diaphanous, friendly, focused and yet incomparably relaxed." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2008| PINGIPUNG | 10.90

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