"After several productions framed by physical space and its acoustical phenomena, the next release by bohemian drips takes a broader approach. "Ivan Paz - Visions of Space" is a metaphysical exploration of both, virtual and physical space, determined by parametric structures. This album is a study, conceived by working with algorithms for sound generation in a live coding context. The different objects are controlled through parameters, which become the means of interaction between the improviser and the code. Through the different combinations of values, one travels across the range of possible sound outputs. The digital outcome determined by these algorithms was then re-amplified and/or processed through electrical and physical structures, such as binaural microphones and the stairs of an old factory, to achieve its final spatial and electronic quality, in an effort to merge code and physical space. Born in Mexico, Ivan Paz lives and works in Barcelona. With a background in physics and mathematics, and a constant relationship with music and sound, his interests are centered around science, art and technology and how their interaction creates new aesthetic and conceptual thinking directions." (label info) 180gr vinyl, with download code, numbered edition of 300 copies
in stock | DE| 2017| BOHEMIAN DRIPS | 18.90

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