This recording is part of the Con Forza series, which puts a spotlight on different instruments and instrumentalists. All the works here are also dedicated to Ivo Nilsson and were written in close collaboration with the composers. However, the epithet con forza (with force) is not to be taken as a description of the contents, other than in a figurative meaning- that concerning Ivo Nilsson's dedication to his instrument. For here, the bell of the trombone often acts as a sensitive instrument for measuring sound waves, rather than a megaphone. (label info) Composer: Olofsson, Kent (1962) / Larson, Chrichan (1956) / Marina, Cristian (1965) / Mellnäs, Arne (1933) / Perder, Kjell (1954) / Sandberg, Lars (1955) / Nilsson, Ivo (1966)
in stock | SE| 2001| PHONO SUECIA | 8.90

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