J.O.Y. - SUNPLUS (12" - USED m-/m-)

"The Japanese band J.O.Y. consists of the creative forces of K.U.D.O (Major Force West, Skylab, UNKLE) and Kan Takagi (Major Force, solo artist). Both went on to make major contributions as remixers, recording artists and collaborators with everyone from David Holmes to the Psychonauts to De La Soul, as well as helped found Ape Sounds Records, an offshoot of Nigo's iconic clothing label A Bathing Ape. For the first J.O.Y. single, 'Sunplus', KUDO and Kan enlisted the help of another Japanese music legend, Yoshimi P-We of the Boredoms/OOIOO. The results were one of the most off-beat, drum heavy pop singles DFA had heard in a while. Tim Goldsworthy, on half of the DFA as well as a founding member of UNKLE and Mo Wax Records (and collaborator with Major Force West) jumped at the chance to be reunited with his old mates, once he heard the track, so Tim, and DFA partner James Murphy remixed the track into something even more sideways than the original, replaying drums and guitar and creating a strange dream-band, where Bjork fronts the Slits in No-Wave Heaven."
in stock | US| 2004| m-/m-| DFA | 5.00

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