special offer! "Modern electronic manipulation coalesces with robust and celebratory cartoon melodies on this, the debut full length release by the Danish duo, Jab Mica Och El. After a 7" released on their own label, Champion Robot, and a beautifully crafted addition to Ache's own Project Bicycle compilation, Jacob and Michael meticulously set forth on the construction of new expression, new ideas, and new instrumentation. Ten tracks where created with the help of many friends, including close friend to both Jab Mica and Ache, Sun Ok Papi K.O. (Sonig / Scratch Pet Land). It is evident when listening to this album the abundance of pleasure experienced during these collaborations and ultimately its creation. The finished product feels like a document of backyard gatherings of close friends armed with cold drinks, lighthearted grins, and their instruments of choice, executed with a naïve charm only the most eager of artists obtain. Ultimately an organic outing, ABC Hej I'm Cola harvests such familiar and traditional sounds as banjo, flute and tuba, and manipulates them into a dense parade of slapstick caricatures. The digital element is subtle enough to keep things recognizable, yet biting enough to create an other-worldly effect. The outcome is a thick, playful and joyous mess of elastic brass, stuttering woodwind, and squelch percussion, evoking a childhood innocence, which will leech the cynicism from every listener, inevitably conjuring smiles he or she had long forgotten." (label info)
in stock | CA| 2006| ACHE RECORDS | 4.90

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