"Released in 1979 in a limited edition on his own d'Avantage label, Catalogue, with its overt theatricality is every bit as wild as the previous Paralleles. Not really jazz, not rock, having nothing to do with contemporary music either, Catalogue it's a kind of sonic postcard which features not the group of the same name but instead numerous Berrocal associates including Potage (co-founder of the d'Avantage label in 1976), Parle, Ferlet, Pauvros and recording engineer Daniel Deshays, plus many musicians from the French underground collective scene of the 1970s. First compact disc edition with the integral documentation. Graphics reproducing the special layout of the original lp record, with photo collages by Berrocal. Digipak first edition limited to 1000 copies." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2005| ALGA MARGHEN | 16.90

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