"For someone as technically brilliant as Blackshaw, it is a feat to be so evocative on record. Now that he has mastered piano and guitar and now that the actual playing is no longer something he has to think about, Blackshaw is working to pull feeling out of his sound. It's not so much about wowing us with the speed of his playing as it is putting that speed to use to create a world that is emotional and confused, beautiful and staggeringly big. Blackshaw can't help but pull us all in it. Deceptively simple compositions and performances... dreamlike, ever-unfolding pieces of spiderweb intricacy with a spacious quality heightened by the ethereal chime of his 12-string. Unique and a delight, whether you're into brilliant, rich guitar work, complex yet meditational atmospheres, or modern composition." (label info)
in stock | US| 2010| YOUNG GOD RECORDS | 10.00

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