special offer "One night i got a very excited mail from Muruga, saying his old pal James Gurley (Janis Joplin, Big Brother & The Holding Co) was visiting... he asked me if i'd have been interested in doing an album + hand-paint some cover right on the spot... without hesitation i/we followed the flow, so i said YES ! Muruga told me that it'd have been a RARE chance to catch James in the NOW (most of the tracks on the qbico xi were rec. on Nov. 25, 2009) ! few days, after i received the audio master and the hand-made covers (some of the most colorful and psychedelic i ever got !), Muruga brought me the sad news that James passed away after an heart attack ?! sad and unexpected news... SO glad that he's part of the qbico family ! rest in p big bro, it's huge !" (label info) "James Gurley was the Yuri Gagarin of rock & roll -- the first man... in space ! There was only handful of us that created our mini-genre of psychedelic guitar, and James was the avatar who blazed the path for the rest of us." (Barry Melton, Country Joe and the Fish) edition of 99 copies
in stock | IT| 2010| QBICO | 19.90

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