"Having spent most of 2012 so far further establishing itself as a global bastion of forward thinking electronic dance music, the Rwina label is changing things up a little with an EP from young Dutch producer Jameszoo. On ,Faaveelaa", Jameszoo displays the kind of brazen ingenuity that youth affords by drawing inspiration from dancehall before finding its edge to craft an entirely new take on the genre and using that to paint a colourful sonic picture of what he imagines a Favela might look like. Sounds mad? In a good way, it is. By his own admittance the picture he paints is also a bit messy, yet there"s beauty in chaos. As for the inspiration, it can sometimes be hard to hear at first though anyone familiar with Jamaica"s dancehall tradition will recognise the instantly catchy quality of ,Faaveelaa"s riddims." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2012| RWINA | 10.90

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