"Jan Wagner's debut - titled Nummern (Numbers) - was recorded as a series of sonic diary entries, between the spring of 2016 and December of the same year. If not for a serendipitous meeting with producer James Varghese, during which Jan played him one of his compositions, this record would have probably never seen the light of day. James loved what he heard, so Jan had asked him if he would be up for adding some bits to the recordings. This is how the biting synth arpeggios, the thick subs and the fractal like swirling synths that on occasion envelop the piano like a fierce string section, found their way into the final arrangements. If there's a single quality that would accurately describe Nummern, it's that it's an emotionally searing experience; a perpetual scaling movement towards a crescendo that never really comes, a vanishing point of sorts and a constant rescaling of emotional intensity. It's an austere affair in that every song is stripped down to its essentials: the piano at its core and, at most, a couple of layers of synthesised sound. The fact that Jan is a seasoned engineer and has been shaping the sonic aesthetic of Berlin techno label Ostgut, for years now, might explain the effective resourcefulness of his playing and the minimalistic efficiency at work here." (label info) vinyl version comes with download code
in stock | DE| 2018| KLANGBAD | 18.90

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