"Jared Blum, co-founder of the great Gigante Sound label from San Francisco, is one of the finest plunderphonics artists around (as Blanketship as well as in Beaks Plinth and Vulcanus 68). The first solo release under his own name also follows the cut-up/montage et al principle, however this is a slighty harsher, more abstract affair. "Maxell, Sony, TDK & Tonemaster" comprises twelve intense tracks with cracked out tape noise - acoustic grenades solely done, as the title suggest, with mistreated old tapes on various cassette recorders - you will love that if you're into, say, Lasse Marhaug, Russell Haswell or Merzbow. Playing time about 25 minutes, great cover design by Blum himself, comes in an edition of 80 copies, with download code." (label info) Recommended.
in stock | DE| 2012| ALARM | 7.90

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