"Release includes one epic track divided in two sides of 7" to assure deepest groove depth resulting to most optimal high fidelity sound. Additional multimedia features, only on the vinyl, can be experienced when record is used with a modern computer. A hypnotic bow to electronic music pioneers from a modern living room spiced with psychedelic guitar riffs, Jarse is a new project of Jari Suominen, known for his work in the analog instrumental quartet Shogun Kunitoki and psychedelic folk group Kiila. The intro on the track is the first recording featuring Jari's brand new self built synthesizer based on original design and schematics of Sähkökvartetti that was the instrument of first electronic band in Finland (founded 1968), led by M.A. Numminen." (label info)
in stock | FI| 2011| FONAL | 7.90

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