"The tone is set by the collaboration made with avant-garde song writer David Grubbs, "The Work Ahead Of Us", a tense abstraction reminiscent of the drone-krautrock of bands such as Neu and possibly even of Bowie's Berlin years. Then the title track, "Lady Fantasy", hits hard, like a prog-rock fueled interstellar collision of massive synths, overdriven Free-Jazz/Breakcore drums and cell phone bleeps. Then we're back to pop music with "The Lure Of You", co-written with Italian singer songwriter Margareth Kammerer, it's strangely light pop/rock feel may surprise many with its subtly and mass-market appeal. The Ep ends with "Sperry and Foil", a song in many parts, in many different directions, like the sprawling seventies prog epics. Even though the song jumps between electro, bucolic rock, and anxious digital soundscapes, it holds a somewhat sweet and nostalgic feeling leading throughout." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2005| SONIG | 5.90

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