"Jason Kahn (analogue synthesizer, percussion), Tomas Korber (guitar, electronics), and Christian Weber (contrabass), are no strangers to tasteful restraint. Over the course of their vast discographies they have exhibited an almost militant approach to a curiously compelling form of stasis -> allowing their meticulously assembled pronouncements to unfold over a carefully monitored period of time before a cessation or modification is considered. This type of music making demands the listener's full attention for it's the detail that propels narrative. These three musicians have been active participants both locally (Zürich) and globally for a number of years. All have performed, recorded, and toured with one another in a number of varying contexts but this recording marks their first outing as a trio. Over the course of six pieces, Zürcher Aufnahmen exhibits a work of endless expansion utilizing a specific set of tools while maintaining a deliberate level of claustrophobia. This near contradictory statement is a benign attempt to the define core of Kahn, Korber, and Weber's music which is, at its apex, not unlike breathing itself. Zürcher Aufnahmen is presented to the listener in a 5 x 5 heavy gauge sleeve that has the pleasure of housing original artwork silkscreened by nick butcher. Hand numbered edition of 500." (label info)
in stock | US| 2006| LONGBOX RECORDINGS | 12.90

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