"Jasper TX, known to his friends as Dag Rosenqvist, is a busy man indeed. Besides being one half of the rather amazing post-rock duo De La Mancha, he has released a number of carefully drafted and very well received solo recordings in his Jasper TX guise over the last few years, with labels such as Miasmah, Kning Disk and Lampse. The visual aspects of Rosenqvist's music cannot be neglected. Feelings superimposed on feelings; he works his music like a painter, applying layer after layer of colors to his compositions. In these deeply cinematic, drone based pop workings, the guitar is the most commonly featured instrument. It is however not always recognizable as such - his soundscapes could often be anything but. The sound is altered, by gentle hands, until it gets under your skin, into your soul and further. »Singing Stones« is the fifth album proper from Jasper TX. Over almost 60 minutes, we are told a heartfelt story of windswept islands in past times, a small community surrounded by the dark sea. It's a story of sadness, of being left behind, a story shrouded in darkness and death, but not without a glimpse of light - in hope of a possible reunion." (label info)
in stock | SE| 2009| FANG BOMB | 12.90

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