""Cover by Hair Stylstics" is the july edition of Jazkamer's ongoing 2010 monthly Compact Disc series. This month's album finds Hegre and Marhaug joined by Iver Sandøy playing noisecore. Noisecore is a crossover between grindcore and noise music. One could call it improvised grindcore, as its emphasis is on short bursts of blastbeat drumming backed by screaming vocals and heavily distorted guitar. Often the music is improvised on the spot. Early pioneers of noisecore were bands like Gerogerigegege, 7 Minutes of Nausea and Fear of God, and although the genre never flourished like grindcore, it nevertheless has lead a healthy underground life with bands like Sissy Spacek and October Revolution. For Jazkamer's monthly 2010 series they have invited one different visual artist to contribute every month. The artwork of "Cover by Hair Stylistics" is by the Japanese actor, author and composer Masaya Nakahara. Nakahara is know for him musical work with projects like Hair Stylistics, Suicidal 10CC and Violent Onsen Geisha. On the front cover Nakarhara can be seen drawing the artwork used on the inside of the cover." (label info)
in stock | NO| 2010| PICA DISK | 13.90

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