""Electro-Anahata" (1986-1994). Fully electro-acoustic version of Anahata realized on the composer's personal computer from the original electro-acoustic recordings of this work. Electronic music studios where the original Anahata was produced (1984-86) : Studio of the Sweelinck Conservatory of Music, Amsterdam (1984 and 1986): the entire production (pre-recorded material processing, new material generation, premixing) and all final mixing processes. Tokyo-Gakuso studio, Tokyo (1983): for the Sho and O-Sho (traditional mouth organs from Japan) sampling with Mayumi Miyata. Conny's Studio, Neuenkirchen, near Cologne (1984) with Asian Sound and Michael W. Ranta: metal percussion instrument sampling, including Bonshos (Buddhist temple bells from Japan) sampling. INA-GRM, Paris (1985): pre-recorded material processing. Studio ART, Geneva (1985): pre-recorded material processing and pre-mixing. Studio of Technische Universität (TU), Berlin (1985-86): pre-recorded material processing, new material production, pre-mixing. CD 1: Metal metamorphoses. Five electro-acoustic works of a contemplative nature. Electro-acoustic parts alone of Ahata-Anahata (struck sound - unstruck sound) including a new unreleased part. CD 2: The Bird-Mirror in the Magic Forest (a tribute to Paul Klee). Electro-acoustic parts alone of Akshara-Kshara (unchanging-changing). "The Reed, the Sea and the Stars" (1986-1994). Electro-acoustic parts alone of Nimîlana-Unmîlana (that which awakens - that which slumbers) among which a new unreleased part." (label info)
in stock | FR| 2013| HORS TERRITOIRES | 21.90

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