"Shânti" (1972-73) for electronic and concrete sounds. Electronic music studio, WDR, Cologne, Germany, 1972-73. Digitalized and revised version from 2001. "The term "meditation music" triggered many conflicting comments including positive ones ("... let us say that Shânti belongs to those very rare works that change you after listening to them. You are not exactly the same before and after." Gérard Mannoni, Le Quotidien de Paris, 1974). Others, wondering at the strong sound presence of the piece, consider such aspect as hardly helpful to their own meditation... Let us be clear: "what meditates" here ("that" who meditates) is the composer. He is the one who takes you on his journey and guides you through his work like in a classic or romantic symphony. As a listener you are invited to follow "his" meditation... The composition is the meditation." (label info)
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