"After releasing the first LPs ever published by Isidore Isou, Gil J Wolman, Hidalgo & Marchetti's ZAJ... here is another historical premiere, or the first LP ever issued by French pre-situationist Jean-Louis Brau. Jean-Louis Brau (1930-1985) at the age of 20 joined along with Gil J Wolman, Isidore Isou's Lettrist group, creating in this context (the same of Wolman's "mégapneums", Dufrêne's "crirythmes", Lemaître's "hyperphonies" and Isou's "poèmes ciselants") what he called "instrumentations verbales". He approached everything in an explosive way, creating a body of work which is discontinuous, small and incomplete, in which he sometimes achieved some major results: for example with his sound poetry, as demonstrated by "Turn back nightingale" (1972), in which Brau makes references to François Dufrêne, on a background of disarticulated drums and pre-punk saturations. Also included on this one-sided LP are "Elégie Elémentaire" and "Ataloche Roche", both recorded in 1961 during Isidore Isou's conference at the Musée d'Art Moderne in Paris, as well as "Instrumentation Verbale" and "Cantate pour l'interdiction de Mandrake", both recorded in 1963 and first published in "Poésie Physique", book w/ 3 singles (Brau, Dufrêne, Wolman), Achèle, in 1965. Edition limited to 350 copies reproducing a page from "No More" on the front sleeve, as well as an essay by Frederic Acquaviva." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2010| ALGA MARGHEN | 19.90

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