"Cosmic / spiritual / meandering psychedelia with a touch of "Forbidden Planet"-style soundtracks on the debut LP from Cayce SC's long-running, multi-talented NASA-employed teacher, visual artist, space creator and musical talent - also the purveyor of the sumptuous psychedelic collage / re-appropriated childhood home that is the Immaginarium. Recorded in Australia and the Immaginarium, G THRESHOLD is comprised of very unusual, deeply layered pieces featuring piano, synth, drums, and some guitar recorded on Danger Island, in addition to a host of other inscrutable sounds that welcome you to Jefferson's unique headspace. Music to kill your ego to. Slow-burn re-entry. 3-D Art (glasses not included). 300 copies." (label info)
in stock | US| 2011| HOT RELEASES | 17.90

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