"Limited edition of 650 copies in red solid vinyl! JENNIFER GENTLE is a band born in 200. Their style, a mix of whacked experimentation, deep fried eccentricity and acoustic beauty..., an affair of colorful, hallucinated phantasmagoria bubbling with ideas and unpredictable noises. Portland/Oregon-Sacramento/California: 580 miles. One of the longest trip for the first JENNIFER GENTLE North American tour. They play at the Academy of Fools, a sort of garage converted as an Art Gallery: a big open space, low ceiling, completely empty, walls without anything, no stage, no audio system, just a microphone. It seems the beginning of a bad night, yet is turns out to be the contrary: due to the wonderful view and the beautiful Californian Sun, the JENNIGER FENTLE decided to play anyway; just an improvisation made by their instinct. The result was a hypno jam session, relaxed, honeiric. The day after JENNIFER GENTLE play at the Davis KDVS radio, where they record the same jam of the previous night, which became the 'Sacramento Session'." (label info)
in stock | US| 2005| m-/m-| A SILENT PLACE | 8.00

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