"music recorded in 1990. forgotten about and rediscovered in a box in 2003. live version recorded in 2003 at Roulette, NYC with the addition of Tim Barnes on crotales and Karen Waltuch on Viola. In 2003 i discovered a box of tapes I had thought I had erased, and had long forgot about. the tapes were all from between 1986-1991, and as i listened back to them, I could clearly hear why i didn't like them at that time. But, youthful obsessions can sometimes be like tying your shoelaces together. For the first time, I was glad to find something old, because it captured something without the formal musical concerns i had at the time, almost like i was making this music for the future, when i could relax enough to just enjoy it. The box also contained what would become the "Two Organs" record (three poplars) and the music for the films "Door" and "Not Yet", but "MIZU NO NAI UMI" is maybe the most gentle and "gesture-less" of the bunch, and seems now to me to be a tribute of how important the music of Folke Rabe and Phill Niblock was / is to me. (At this time it was still almost impossible to hear the pure music of Tony Conrad, as "Outside the Dream Syndicate" was his only commercial recording). But today i can hear my young self in it, even though i can hear a little voice saying "no, no, no, no"." (Jim O'Rourke")
in stock | JP| 2005| HEADZ | 16.90

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