The set for the new production of the ballet Der Krieger (Graz Opera House, Studiobühne) is on a serial image concept. Projected image panels act as a stage set that forms a subtle grid background for the one-man performance (choreography: Jörg Schlick). The symphony Diese Wildnis hat Kultur (1982) forms the musical base of the dance performance. One instrument is reserved for each of the four movements: Jörg Schlick: violin, flutes, violoncello and electric guitar; Andi Beit: synthesizer. 'Minimalist form was combined with Expressionist social comment' wrote Jack Anderson (New York Times, 21.05.1985) in his critique of the première. This reference to the field of tension between the minimalist vocabulary of forms or object gesture (performers) and the expressive portrayal of social conditions hits on a fundamental aspect of Schlick's work. The symphonic composition accompanies the performance like a 'synthetic heartbeat' that corresponds to the intensity of Beethoven's 'Eroica' in terms of its tonal character. The 'deflection of the needle', the electronic display of tonal intensity and pitch of the classical symphony, acted as the score for Jörg Schlick.
in stock | DE| 2002| A-MUSIK | 14.80

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