"Most people will be familiar with Jörg Sasse as a visual artist. His work, which has been stylistically an exception from the Düsseldorf School of Photography since the mid-1980s, is represented in numerous collections, museums and galleries around the world. Since 2020, Sasse has again increasingly devoted himself to music. His album "Framed", which is now being released for the first time, brings together a sequence of 14 tracks that, like his artistic work, uses the process of collaging and manipulating to transform his minimal piano compositions into a new structure of sound through filters and shifting. Sasse creates sketchy tone sequences that may be embedded in floating air texture or accompanied by rhythmic tonality, remaining unpredictable and triggering constant feedback. Fragile, melodic impressions form an atmospherically dense framework that guides the listener all the way through the cosmos of this concept album from the beginning to the end. In the course of this, Sasse succeeds in using stylistic devices that are heard in neoclassic piano music, without giving his album the typical soothing flow, but rather an exciting journey with a thought-out framing. His improvised compositions seem to be fallen out of time and modern at the same time." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2023| OFFICE EDITIONS | 21.90

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