"Johanna Billing's videos reflect on routine, choreography and ritual, with an emphasis on the fragility of individual performance within collective experience. Observing circularity and retrospection, she stages specific situations where something is about to take place. Billing's combines the choreography of individuals with facilitating their freedom to perform naturally, bringing all together in the editing process. I'm Lost Without Your Rhythm is based on the recording of a live performance of dance 'learned' or performed by amateur Romanian dancers in Iasi, Romania, during the Periferic 8 Biennial of Contemporary Art in Oct 2008. The film links several days' activity into a continuous process, in which dancers were watched by an audience who were free to come and go as they pleased. There is no final performance as such and so the work is a result of collaboration between choreographer, musicians, dancers and audience." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2009| APPARENT EXTENT | 16.90

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