"Deep ambient music from visual- and sound artist, poet and science fiction addict Johannes Heldén. His music is slow, melodic, dramatic, dark and atmospheric but yet too damn abstract to even come near being called pop or whatever. Heldén has published a few books, recently had an impressive solo show at Stene Gallery in Stockholm and is also active making art films. iDEAL is proud to release a rare document of his musical grandness, the (to us) long awaited follow up to his 2001 album "Sketch Book" on Trente Oiseaux. "Title Sequence" has a something to do with Brian Eno's ambient 80's, even some connections to the ideas on music of Talk Talk just before they broke up and did their best stuff. The music of William Basinski also somes to mind while listening to Johannes Heldén's music. "Title Sequence" is a truly beautiful album, music filled with shadows and a melancholic feel to it. Comes in a nice digi pack. Johannes Heldén lives and work in Stockholm." (label info)
in stock | SE| 2010| IDEAL RECORDINGS | 12.90

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