"Johannes Frisch has worked since the late 1970s as a performer, composer and improviser of contemporary music between experimental rock, free jazz and other open-minded styles. On his main instrument, the double bass, he has worked for more than three decades on an individual expressive language. Ralf Wehowsky founded the group P.D. (in 1981 renamed P16.D4) and the label Wahrnehmungen (in 1982 renamed Selektion). Tränende Würger is based on free improvisations by the Frisch/Wehowsky duo, reworked with electro-acoustic means. The compositional process did not intend to mask the nonlinear nature of the improvisations. Quite on the contrary, their organic character has been emphasized by crystal-clear sharpening of details. You'll find complex structures and dark atmospheres, not unlike those on some P16.D4, This Heat or Mnemonists releases, though absolutely rooted in the 21st century. Beauty and poisoning are not far from each other. Tränende Würger comes in a plastic bag, 15x15cm with the artwork on six separate sheets, dealing with poisonous plants." (label info)
in stock | NL| 2005| KORM PLASTICS | 8.90

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