"The Zoo of Tranquillity" was inspired by concepts and designs of British artist Paul Spooner, who happens to be a master of sculptural animation. Spooner created an anteater, a lion and a woodpecker among others, for his book "Moving Animals". Johannes Schmoelling was tempted to capture the magic of little absurd machines cheerfully spinning, lazily grinding, endlessly wiggling. "I like to create scenarios for the ears, to give a certain depth, perspective, colouring and three-dimensional quality to sound textures. I like to arrange them like stage-sets". The original LP "The Zoo of Tranquillity" was produced in 1987. This actual version had been re-recorded and remixed in 1996 with additional new pieces at Riet Studio Berlin by Johannes Schmoelling." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2010| VIKTORIAPARK RECORDS | 16.90

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